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Sickness & Health

Three years ago I thought  battling a disease that may be the product of my imagination.  sick with material and personal success.   ! I’m a content specialist who’s currently (1) running my own design boutique, (2) accepting around 276 projects YTD, and, everyday, (3) hating my career, my self, and my life. I became witless and boring, a combination that oddly did little for my fiancée.

Two years ago, I asceneded an entirely  (illegitimate) victim, a depressive with a penchant for prescriptions , and an unhealthy 32lbs overweight to boot. Nonetheless, I’d lost nothing, found no rock bottom, and  savored pain, the intensity of which only I understood. I wanted to snap out of it but in sobriety I felt a sense of acute doom.


In the clarity I’ve regained since

In his book, ” That sentiment rings true with nearly everyone. My world seemed weightless and inconsequential—altogether alien—and my reaction to it seemed practical rather than irresponsible.


The “slippery slope” aired by the PSA suddenly applied to me    I didn’t understand why realize  of happy occurrence turned me into that sulking man who cheerlessly drinks excesssively in the corner, insulting a colleagues the others ,  .

the smartest in the room near corners and insults the wain near the wainscotting  populates  the Great Gatsby. I read ironic, severe, satirical fiction because good, dark fiction brings the best punchlines—those founded in confounding absurdity.

I like a cynical laugh unfortunately,    a half decade of research, the unmissable conclusion is that millions, worldwide, ignore displeasure and refuse to express ourselves neither fully nor freely free self-expression (i.e., whatever floats your yacht)  becomes    . and  from the banality of daily life happens to most everyone (“burnout,” “overwork,” “obsession”)



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